3Ps, Preparation Tool

PreparePSC presents a unique preparation tool, named as 3Ps. It is designed to increase participants' performance on standardized exams in more convenient way. It allows one to get prepared by practicing again and again. It also let one to participate in real world exam templates based quizzes. In addition, it will help to achieve some decent score.



Prepare section has the ability to expose the breadth of the topic. It is designed on multiple choice questions structure. It helps one to understand the topic by different MCQs.

Start Diving


Practice section has the ability to expose the preparation of specific topic. It is designed on run-time evaluation mechanism. It allows one to assess the outcomes of preparation.

Dive Deeper


Participate section offers you the opportunity to take the quizzes. It is designed to indicate the structure and contents of real world exams. It helps one to maintain the speed.

Final Dive